The drawings that make up After are all the same size (270mm x 270mm, a little smaller than an LP), and all made in the same way. Photographs of works of art, taken by me, provide the source material for the drawings. None are made from life. A grid on both source and product is used to aid the drawing process. At the time of writing After consists of 27 drawings, five of which have been sold and therefore unavailable for exhibition. The modular format allows for a subset of drawings to be extracted from the corpus and for that to remain a legitimate iteration of After.

The drawings shown here are not intended as scholarly readings of the works on which they are based but rather as partial (that is, biased and incomplete), re-presentations of them, in order that a new work might be generated.

After Material Conjectures After After Jauma Plensa After Karla Black After Joseph Beuys After After Stephen Prina After After David Shrigley After Joseph Beuys After Thomas Hirschhorn After Emilio Vedova After Dale Holmes After After joseph Beuys After After After Anselm Kiefer After Adrián Villar Rojas After After Eastside Prjects After Robert Good After Jean Dubbufet After László Moholy-Nagy After Silvia Champion After James Turrell

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