Writing for the Open College of the Arts

I do some tutoring, in drawing and painting, for the OCA and I contribute to their public blog. Sometimes it starts a discussion, and sometimes not.

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After 2

In addition to the series of drawings of installations and videos (find them here), I’m also producing another series that might find their way into my final PhD submission. At the moment I’m not sure. But I wanted to post them. Each is 240mm x 240mm.

After Marcel Duchamp’s Tu’m
After Francis Alÿs’ Fabiola
After Juan Cruz’ Translating Don Quixote
After Etienne Bossut’s Les Gamelles
After Bruno di Rosa’s Les Carnets Bleu
After Robert Rauschenberg's Factum I and II
After Robert Rauschenberg’s Factum I and II
After Elaine Sturtevant's Marcel Duchamp's Bicycle Wheel
After Elaine Sturtevant’s Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel
After Louise Lawler: Pollock and Tureen, Arranged by Mr. and Mrs. Burton Tremaine, Connecticut
After Louise Lawler: Pollock and Tureen, Arranged by Mr. and Mrs. Burton Tremaine, Connecticut

365 Drawings

Throughout 2013 I made drawing for every day. Each day a new image appeared on a blog. You can find it here.

All of the images are of parts of galleries and museums that don’t contain any art. Lots of floors, lighting, sockets. That sort of thing. Posted below are a few of the images, but the blog (link above) is the best place to look through them.

Early on in the process I was asked to sell one if the drawings. This presented me with a problem as I wanted to exhibit all of them as a single work. I decided to sell the drawing and then ask the buyer to send me a picture of the drawing when it had been installed in its new home. I redrew that in the same way, meaning that there wouldn’t – in theory – be any gaps when I came to show the work.

At the time of writing about a month’s worth of the primary drawings have been sold and redrawn, and quite a few of the redraws have been sold too. Any unsold works are available for purchase for £50. Have a look in the comments sections of the drawing you’re interested in to see if it’s already sold.

25th January
Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
29th January
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk
20th February
Museum of Catalan Art, Barcelona
28th February
King’s Place, London
26th March
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk
29th March
Jewish Museum, Berlin
1st April
Moderna Museet, Malmö
7th April
Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo
19th May
Unknown Gallery
20th May
Berlinische Gallery, Berlin
3rd June
Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
19th June
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
19th July
Zürich Kunsthalle
30th July
Zürich Kunsthalle
2nd August
Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo
24th August
Museum Ludwig, Cologne
4th September
The National Gallery, London
17th September
Bergen Kunsthall
20th October
Fundació Catalunya, Barcelona
31st October
Bergen Kunsthall
11th November
Western Bank Library, Sheffield
24th November
The National Gallery, London
21st December
Bloc Projects, Sheffield
26th December
Zürich Kunsthalle