Translation Games

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Last year I interviewed Ricarda Vidal as part of my PhD research. Subsequent to that meeting I was invited to take part in one of the ‘translation games’ she convenes. There’s a lot more information here about what this might entail. For this game a group of artists were organised into a chain by Ricarda. I’m fourth out of twelve. Each artist makes a piece of work that they consider to be a translation of the previous work and then forward an image of the result to the next artists. The chain started with an unpublished work – Still – by poet Denise Riley. No-one is privy to what the people before them have produced, save the one immediately preceding them, and are therefore working ‘blind’ in many respects. However, small snippets of the images have been posted here, on a dedicated webpage and I’ve collaged them together as and when they become available.

I’m delighted to be part of the process and intrigued to see what artists make based on previous submissions. It’s quite possible (likely, even) that the resulting piece will have no resemblance to the initial poem, but the process itself will demonstrate how generative translation can be, I think.

Watch this space, as I’ll keep adding to the above image. The Artists Sam Treadaway Auriol Herford Katarina Kelsey Bryan Eccleshall Sarah Sparkes Sharon Kivland Juneau Projects Heather Connelly Briony Campbell Matt Rowe Anna Cady Domingo Martinez

2 thoughts on “Translation Games”

  1. Thanks, Bryan! The composite snippet image looks nice! And you’ll be surprised when you see the original poem… I’m getting more and more convinced about the existence of an essence!

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