For the past few months I have, on and off, been making a second version of the drawing currently hanging in the Jerwood Space in London. It’s not quite finished, but I wanted to post it here while that drawing is getting attention. It was a deliberate attempt to make a second translation of the image to see what would be different. Both drawings are part of a PhD submission and as such have been made primarily to find stuff out rather than to make a piece of art. The second iteration (above) is darker than the first version. IT’s also a bit more reliant on smudged graphite and less on shading. That’s mainly because while making the first drawing (and others that are in the pipeline) I have developed a slightly different style. I suspect it’s being made more quickly, too.

I had hoped to have both drawings together for a real world comparison, but it’s possible that won’t happen as the Jerwood one is up for sale. I”m not sure what showing them next to one another would have achieved but that’s the point of research done through practice. You don’t know until you try it. This might be the closest I get:

Version I and II

365drawings – The Book


I have just published the 365drawings project as a book. It can be bought directly from lulu.com or from me. If you are outside the UK (and in the US, Australia, Canada, etc.), then it would be easier for you to get a copy from them. There are also several European based outlets. If you search my name on any of the shops you’ll find the book.

The cover price is £15. If you buy direct from me I’ll absorb the shipping costs, but lulu.com charge extra. Obviously I’d rather sell copies personally. This is not a limited edition, so don’t feel that you need to rush to secure a copy, though if production costs go up, so might the price.

So what do you get for the money? The book’s specifications are as follows:

154pp, perfect bound paperback, 21.59 cm x 21.59 cm, Black and White digital print

In it is a short introduction and reproductions of all the drawings I made during 2013 as well as all the ‘drawings of drawings’ included as ‘supplementary images’. Future editions may of course have more images in if I manage to sell and redraw the works.

If you would like a copy please leave a comment below with contact details or email me on bryaneccleshall (@) gmail (dot) com and I’ll sort you out.

The morning after the night before, inevitably

I’m writing this in a room at Bankside House B+B / Hall of Residence just around the corner from the Jerwood Space near Tate Modern after the opening of the Jerwood Drawing Prize last night. In the picture above you can see my entry through a forest of people. It’s the only picture I took as it was packed. I was lucky enough to be awarded one of the two student prizes which precipitated some nice comments from people after the presentation both in person and online. If you said something, or tweeted, or retweeted, or ‘liked’ a facebook post, then thank you. 

Aside from being in it, I recommend the show. It opens today and runs until mid-October. It then moves around the south of England (sadly no jaunt north this year, which is a real shame). If you’re in the north, then seeing the show in the Jerwood Space might be your best bet.

I was delighted – not having anyone accompanying me to the opening – to be recognised by Daniel Crawshaw (and his lovely partner Harriet) who was in the year below me at Leicester Polytechnic a million years ago. He’d spotted my name and may well have been on the look out for me. He had a piece in the show that I had spotted and liked, which is always a relief. His work is just about the only non-rectangle in the show. Within moments of the show opening someone had tweeted about it. The medium is ‘nail on found object’. 

Moonshine – Daniel Crawshaw


I had the pleasure to meet Alison Carlier, too who let me bend her ear about her winning entry from last year. It’s nice to find out that your hunches about an art work are in line with their intentions and preoccupations.

The highlight of the night (aside from winning and all that) was the speech given by the wnner of the over all prize, Thomas Harrison. He walked up to the podium looking visibly shocked and said, dazed, ‘I’m a student. This is weird’, and walked off. He was stood next to me and had a thouand yard stare. Good for him. Here’s a tweet with a detail of his work in it:

Thomas Harrison – From Andrew’s Flat, Singapore

The other student prize winner was Lois Langold whose work Pelvis is exquisite. I don’t want to steal an uncredited image, but it can be found on thie Culture24 website, along with a still from the second prize winning work, a video called Unconditional Line by Elisa Alaluusua (who I didn’t meet, sadly).

Along with, I think, the other winners, I will be back at the Jerwood Space on Friday September 25th to do an ‘in conversation’ event.

Phew. I’m off for some breakfast…


365drawings – an update

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before (and you might as I wrote a post about this back in May 2014)…

In 2013 I started a year long project to make a drawing for each day of the year. All the drawings were of overlooked corners of art galleries and museums, but didn’t show any art. I worked from photographs that I’d taken and most of the drawings were made at home on my lap in front of the television. I set up a dedicated blog and uploaded an image every day. That blog is still available and stands as an archive of the project. Click on the image below and you’ll be taken to it.

Screen shot 2014-10-03 at 03.39.07

Part way through February I sold one of the drawings which posed a nice problem. I had hoped to exhibit the drawings as a single body of work, but losing some to sales would make that impossible. I decided to go ahead with the sale and asked the buyer to photograph the picture in its new home. The carried on throughout the year, allowing me to sell dozens of the drawings, but to still retain a complete set, as it were.

A year after I started I showed all the work at Bank Street Arts and continued to sell and redraw the drawings. To date I have made 424 drawings, with one still outstanding…

I just made this drawing, which is the third in a chain. The previous two are posted below and you can see the small detail growing to fill the image. It’s of the staircase in the Western Bank library at the University of Sheffield, who bought the first two drawings (that is the bottom two shown here).

11112013 - 03

11112013 - 02


All the drawings are still available to buy for £50 each. They’re about the size of a CD cover and pencil on paper. If you buy one, I will of course ask you to send a photograph of it so that I can redraw it.