365drawings – The Book


I have just published the 365drawings project as a book. It can be bought directly from lulu.com or from me. If you are outside the UK (and in the US, Australia, Canada, etc.), then it would be easier for you to get a copy from them. There are also several European based outlets. If you search my name on any of the shops you’ll find the book.

The cover price is £15. If you buy direct from me I’ll absorb the shipping costs, but lulu.com charge extra. Obviously I’d rather sell copies personally. This is not a limited edition, so don’t feel that you need to rush to secure a copy, though if production costs go up, so might the price.

So what do you get for the money? The book’s specifications are as follows:

154pp, perfect bound paperback, 21.59 cm x 21.59 cm, Black and White digital print

In it is a short introduction and reproductions of all the drawings I made during 2013 as well as all the ‘drawings of drawings’ included as ‘supplementary images’. Future editions may of course have more images in if I manage to sell and redraw the works.

If you would like a copy please leave a comment below with contact details or email me on bryaneccleshall (@) gmail (dot) com and I’ll sort you out.

5 thoughts on “365drawings – The Book”

  1. I showed it to my art lecturer at the Karlstad University. He thought it was a great collection of work and was impressed. He liked the originality of the idea of drawing the drawings you sold in a new setting.

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