For the past few months I have, on and off, been making a second version of the drawing currently hanging in the Jerwood Space in London. It’s not quite finished, but I wanted to post it here while that drawing is getting attention. It was a deliberate attempt to make a second translation of the image to see what would be different. Both drawings are part of a PhD submission and as such have been made primarily to find stuff out rather than to make a piece of art. The second iteration (above) is darker than the first version. IT’s also a bit more reliant on smudged graphite and less on shading. That’s mainly because while making the first drawing (and others that are in the pipeline) I have developed a slightly different style. I suspect it’s being made more quickly, too.

I had hoped to have both drawings together for a real world comparison, but it’s possible that won’t happen as the Jerwood one is up for sale. I”m not sure what showing them next to one another would have achieved but that’s the point of research done through practice. You don’t know until you try it. This might be the closest I get:

Version I and II

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