Other Stuff I Do

I wanted to write a short blog post that lists some of my other activities, partly to act as a one-stop shop for myself, but also to give visitors to this site a more rounded view of my practice and art-related activity. Rather than do lots of short posts, I’m going to write one and keep it up to date.

Bank Street Arts

I’m a trustee of Bank Street in Sheffield. It’s a vibrant space of galleries and studios that has provided me with a venue for a lot work that I’ve made since completing my MA in 2010. It’s perhaps frowned upon to be so closely associated with one space (and my CV is full of stuff I’ve done there) but Bank Street has provided an extended project space for my practice. Anyone can become a member and consequently take part in what is now an annual members’ show.


After the success of 2013’s 365drawings (see below) I have decided to start another project for 2016. It’s called 366memories and I plan to write a short piece about something I can remember. It’s likely that there’ll be a lot of childhood and within that, a lot of holiday memories as they seem most clear. I’m not sure where it will go, but you can find the blog here. I’m wrestling with how to keep stuff anonymous (I’m writing this on January 4th 2016), especially as people know my name and can therefore work out who my immediate family are. It’s called 366memories because 2016 is a leap year, of course.


This is the blog to which I uploaded all the work made for the 365drawings project. As regular readers will know, I recently published a book documenting the work. It is still a live work as whenever a work is sold (they’re £50 each, with discounts if you buy more than one) I ask the buyer to send a photograph which I draw.

Facebook and Twitter

I have a dedicated artist page on Facebook which any FB user can sign up to. All the posts are public and related to my work, stuff I’m promoting, or stuff that catches my eye that I think needs a wider audience. I also have a Twitter account – @eccleshall1965 – which you are welcome to follow. It is often nonsense, but does have some art stuff on sometimes, especially when there’s news.

The Open College of the Arts

For the past few years I have been part of the team that tutors Drawing and Painting students at the OCA. It’s an Open Access Distance Learning College based in Barnsley but with students all around the world. I currently tutor people in the UK, Sweden, Indonesia, Cyprus, and Germany. You can study to Masters level through a series of related, but discrete modules. I often write posts for their outward-facing blog which can be found here.

Found Paintings and Sculptures

I have, for several years, taken photographs of stuff that looked like paintings or sculptures but weren’t intended to be such things. I  put a lot of these images on a blog but not many people looked at it, so I retired it. The rise of social media has meant that I can throw open the idea to all-comers, though, On Facebook you’ll find a group called, unsurprisingly, Found Paintings and Sculptures. Ask to join and you can start posting your own contributions. I wrote a short blogpost for the OCA about it here.

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