Drawing ‘Guernica’


Over the past few months I have been drawing a large multi-panelled version of Picasso’s Guernica. I saw the original painting as an undergraduate in the Prado in, I think, 1986. It was an important moment for me. I still have a stack of postcards I bought that day that show Picasso’s thinking.

As with other drawings I’ve made, the image is made up of small panels (in this case 20cm x 20 cm) and then assembled. Click on the image for a look at a larger version of the file. The image above is a digital assemblage made from scans of my drawings. You can see that lines and shapes are ruptured as I don’t refer to other panels to smooth out the image. I like that this evidence of my intervention is present. After all, I owe Picasso a lot. When assembled physically that squares aren’t quite so neat, being cut and measured by hand. When assembled the piece is 240cm x 120cm and will be a difficult piece to show.

As yet I have no firm plans to show the work in its own right, though it may get incorporated into a larger installation I am working on with Chris Graham.

It is for sale. If anyone wants to buy this, unframed, it’s yours for £8,000.

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