My PhD thesis, available to buy

cover of thesis

I have produced a version of my PhD thesis using the print-on-demand publishers Because there are some images in it that are not mine I am selling it at cost price (just under six quid plus p+p). I will not be making any money on it, but have been asked by several friends and colleagues if it will be available, so here it is. Click on this link and you’ll be taken to the right page (I hope). You should also be able to buy it from your ‘local’ version of lulu if you aren’t in the UK.

The submitted thesis is accompanied by three other publications, two of which are available commercially, 365drawings and After After… The third title – Interviews –  is not available commercially as I promised my interlocutors that it was ‘appendix material’. If, however you have an account you can find them all under my name.


Studio Drawings

blog compound

It’s been a while since I posted anything here and I thought I ought to remedy that.. These three small drawings (each is about 10cm square I think) are all based on pictures people posted of their studios. The first was an impromptu bed, I think, the others are more obviously connected with making. I thought I’d make a lot of these (and may yet continue as the studio fascinates me as a place where work is done and tried out and junked and so on), but have been distracted. However, if something catches my eye – my basic criteria for drawing anything – you may see more of them.