At last, paintings.


Years ago I stopped painting. I dabbled a little when I began my PhD research (and even had one piece shortlisted for the John Moores painting prize) but soon tuned to drawing as my primary way of making work. Part of that decision was convenience; getting into the studio wasn’t easy and I needed to make work at home and preferably in he evening and at weekends. That meant developing something relatively clean and not too big. Hence the multi-panel drawings.

Since completing the PhD my work has become more complex and colourful. The collaboration with Chris Graham opened up the possibility of art historical references free-associating with more contemporary global issues. The Digital Rain¬†work has been a place to explore picture-making and has been a rehearsal for something material. In short, I’ve been thinking about turning to painting for a few months as a way of addressing the territory that Digital Rain covers. To do this I have taken a studio at Bloc in central Sheffield. Initially I simply played with the paint to see what it could do, or rather what I could do with it. over the past couple of weeks I have begun to make work that seems to be more resolved, and which is pictured here.

At the moment I’m letting my nose and the material enquiry guide my work, but I am already beginning to think about how these things might make their way into the world. I hope you like them.