Remake / Remodel

After Pierre Puvis de Chavannes ‘The Poor Fisherman’ with Superimposed Network, 2018, (pencil on paper infused with oil paint and marker pen).

Since taking on a studio in which I can make a mess and use oil paints, I have been trying to work out exactly how I might use paint to generate images, especially in relation to the still growing Digital Rain collection. My idea was to explore how an ‘analogue rain’ might be made, but first I needed to understand the medium. Aside from that I have been going through workbooks and chopping them up as well as rescuing abandoned drawings and ideas to see who they can be repurposed.

While I am aware that I have developed a practice founded on drawing works of art by others and have has some success in that, it is clear to me that I need to generate something new and not just repeat the work of others. I also know it’s not as simple as that. My repetitions were designed to explore a set of ideas and, during my PhD research, served that purpose well. I’m keen to drag old work into the new and to find ways of recycling imagery as well as physical things that remain unsold.

The image above is an almost complete pencil drawing I made of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes¬†The Poor Fisherman covered in red oil paint (diluted with a lot of linseed oilP and then overlaid with a network of lines in marker pen. It’s an experiment, bit I’m pleased with the way the drawings shows through and with the way the marker pen lines sink into the paper, aided by the oil. I think I’m on to something.

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