A montage of fifty Digital Rain Images
Digital Rain – Fifty Images © 2016-18 Bryan Eccleshall

1st – 27th March 2018

I am delighted to announce that I will be having my first solo London show at the Green Rooms Hotel in March. On display will be around forty of the Digital Rain images that have been produced since autumn 2016.

Please join me at the opening on Thursday March 1st from 7pm, no further invite is required. The exhibition runs until Tuesday 27th March. It’s in the foyer / bar area of the hotel and consequently open much later than normal galleries.

Getting There: Green Rooms is located opposite Wood Green tube station, just 12 minutes from King’s Cross and 20 minutes into Central London on the Piccadilly Line:

N22 6UW

All works are 30cm x 30cm and all are for sale. Framed prints at £90 each, and unframed prints at £75.

More About Digital Rain

Digital Rain is a collection of digital collages in which diverse visual material is collided. The starting point for the work came from linking the so-called refugee crisis of 2015 to historical and cultural events that led to that migration. Soon after starting the series in Autumn 2016, I began including images taken from 1970s science fiction, art history, and contemporary and Classical culture. The myths and stories that underpin European civilisation (whether Classical or religious in origin) are full of brutal acts of violence and of migration and travel, especially across and through the Mediterranean.

Making these pictures is a way of working through some of the historical connections through  visual manipulation and juxtaposition, presenting the events of today as part of narratives that have been playing out for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Including visual quotations from dystopian movies implies the likely ongoing prevalence of these issues.

The resulting images are at times bewildering as they rely on sometimes spurious connections or respond to a news item that is now forgotten. Making Digital Rain is a messy and speculative process in which images are deliberately forced together challenging the audience to make sense of something that is, at heart, incomprehensible.

In the same way that each image is a collage the images, too, are forced together to draw out links and similarities across the collection. This, too, can be disorienting as iconography can be used in different ways in different pictures, subverted with humour, or taken seriously.

I hope that people enjoy connecting the dots and that the complex issues that underpin and drive the work become evident, even if that takes three or four glances.

The exhibition at the Green Rooms Hotel is showing less than ten per cent of the larger Digital Rain collection, which can be found on Instagram.


More About The Green Rooms Hotel

I am delighted to be showing this work in such an exciting setting. The hotel offers bunk rooms as well as conventional single, twin, and double rooms, as well as suites. Basically, there’s something for everyone. The great thing is that artists qualify for a discount if they want to stay here.

Don’t just take my word for it, the hotel is getting some great press. The following quotes are taken from the PRESS page of the hotel’s website):

The Guardian

“This new arts hotel in a converted Art Deco showroom is a bargain by London standards… Green Rooms is a well-connected simulacrum of east London at a fraction of the price”.

The Sunday Telegraph

“A first for London: a budget hotel that’s part social enterprise… Cool, utilitarian and laid-back, it feels more Berlin than Wood Green”.

Evening Standard

“With art studios, a performance space and residencies from London’s hottest chefs, Green Rooms is shaking things up in N22”.


“There’s substance behind the stripped-back style at Green Rooms… In this age of sensory overload it’s deeply refreshing to have all the excess taken away and a form of hospitality that focuses on the essentials in such an inspiring way”.


“Green Rooms ticks all the boxes to become a real hub for artists and creatives… The restaurant is nice and busy, and the interior design – which gives the place a lot of character – is drawing people in”.


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