A New Multi-Panel Drawing

‘After Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s ‘Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery’ – Graphite on Eight Panels of A4 Paper.

Since completing the Bruegel’s Netherlandish Proverbs I have been thinking about what to draw nest, and whether it’s something I should continue to do. My practice is changing and I’m trying to think about how some of the concerns played with in the Digital Rain series might be carried across – translated – into paintings. The drawings that engage with art historical works might be considered a separate strand of my practice that relate to my PhD research and that perhaps it should be retired. I’ve thought about this but now and again I see something that catches my eye and cries out to be drawn.

That happened when I was in the Courtauld Gallery in London recently. A small grisaille by Bruegel (again) attracted me and I began to think it might be worth having a go at drawing it. As it happened I visited the Courtauld again soon after and the idea was confirmed.

So, here it is: ‘After Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s ‘Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery”. I like the subject matter as it condemns people for judging others.

I’ll keep adding to the image as new panels are completed. If you’re interested in buying this, let me know. The final drawing will be A1 in size — 594 x 841 mm — made up of eight A4 panels. £150 and it’s yours (unframed).


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