A Glimpse…

…of the workbooks I periodically use to push ideas forward. I don’t keep sketchbooks in the traditional sense but instead I use hardback notebooks as scrapbooks for drawings, collected material, notes, and conflations of all three. I don’t use them all the time and don’t finish one before moving onto another. Occasionally I take time to stick a batch of stuff in and then work on the surface created. There are usually extra pages, bits of tracing paper and so on which can make for a complicated experience of looking. I worked for a printer and then a publisher before returning to art practice and I still have an interest in making books or book-like documents and this improvised production – which doesn’t really have any meaning – taps into that. Even if the books don’t have meaning, they do have purpose. By working and re-working the pages over and over again ideas collide and interrupt one another which can generate ideas for exhibiting or for new work.

I’m making short films – slideshows really – and posting them on my YouTube channel. You can find the first two here:

Each film is taken form a separate book (one A4 and one A5). It’s unlikely that these books will be immune to further amendment.

3 thoughts on “A Glimpse…”

  1. Hi Bryan
    Sketchbooks are such an interesting form of expression, thought process but perhaps not deep thought at times – just a question of what’s to hand and a mix it up process. Is your layering predetermined or random as the material is either in a folder or in a heap on your desk. Are these for paintings or are they for your digital work?
    Good to share.

    1. I’ve always been interested in connecting things and layering is a visual expression of that, so I do think about layering, but I often don’t think that hard about what I’m layering,. Similarity is key too. Two things that echo one another (image / shape / colour) can force a closeness. It’s not very rational, to be honest, but that’s the point.

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