After Joseph Beuys’ Wirtschaftswerte (Economic Values)

After Joseph Beuys' Wirtschaftswerte
After Joseph Beuys’ Wirtschaftswerte (1980), pencil on sixteen paper panels (2014)

The piece reproduced here is a redrawing of a photograph, taken by me, of the Joseph Beuys sculpture that was the centrepoint of last year’s ArtSheffield event: Wirtschaftswerte (Economic Values, in English.) It’s made in pencil on sixteen paper panels that are assembled to make a compound square drawing about one metre across. As with other drawings, I reinstate the ‘square’ of the image by erasing material outside the grid used during transfer process. I have left a thin border around each drawing, meaning that when the full piece is assembled a white grid is created that appears ‘in front’ of the subject, much in the way that the shelves of Wirtschaftswerte are in front of wall-mounted paintings.

There’s more information about the source material here.

It occurred to me during my 365drawings show at Bank Street Arts that a large single image could be completed in stages, rather than as a single object. Logistically, this appealed to me as I find it easier to work using an A2 clipboard on my lap or at a small table which makes the creation of large drawings difficult.

Making a work this way would also introduce problems. For instance, the ‘look’ of the thing could change as I progressed and the separate sections would be unlikely to perfectly match up. As I am discovering in my research it’s this kind of interruption or difficulty that provides an opportunity for learning and progress.

At the moment, there are no plans to show the work.

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