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Along with the delicate and strange detail that drawing The Garden of Earthly Delights requires, I am also drawing Picasso’s Guernica. I’m drawing it so that it will be the same size as the Bosch drawing and plan, when exhibiting the work, to mix up the panels to create two new works. My thinking is a bit muddled on this but it has something to do with religion and the bombing of Syria. Over time, I’m sure it will become clearer to me.

As with the Earthly Delights I will post an updated version of the work here as I make more panels.

The idea to mix the two drawings, even before they’re made comes from two places as far as I can work out. I am exhibiting the ‘Beuys’ and ‘Caravaggio’ drawings together to make a new work (Show Your Wound) but decided not to mix up the images despite the constituent panels being a common size. The other place the idea came from was when I typed the last blog post about the Bosch drawing I mentioned Picasso’s work as they are both kept by the Prado and I saw them on the same trip as an undergraduate. After doing a bit of maths I realised they could be plotted onto a double square without too much difficulty. Brazenly smashing two such different works might be a violent act and when completed each panel will compete for attention and the familiar images will be hard to see, but remain recognisable. I hope that the distortion and difficulty will be a rupture that forces a reappraisal of picture elements from both works.

We’ll see.

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