For Sale: Digital Rain Prints… £3 each



If you would like to buy a Digital Rain collection of your own making, now’s your chance.The headline is that I’m offering 250+ designs for £3 each with no minimum order. Order as few or as many designs as you like. The image above gives you an indication of what they look like.

To get hold of these you need to email me [bryaneccleshall (at) gmail (dot) com] and I’ll send you an order form or you can download it here: Digital Rain Order Form

Once you’ve filled it in, email it to me and I’ll get on with the order.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your continuing support.


2 thoughts on “For Sale: Digital Rain Prints… £3 each”

  1. Hi Bryan I have decided to extend my stay in Cape Town and most of my work is at home in Holland. I will be back in Holland on 27 May and can post my assignment then or when I get back to UK for work on 6 June. Sorry I am not able to get it to you before you go away but posting from here would be crazy. Thanks kindly Alison Lombard

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